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Action Required. 3G/GSM and CDMA are being retired. Convert your business security systems today.

3G/GSM and CDMA are being retired

Legacy systems such as 3G/GSM and CDMA are being retired by cellular providers in 2022 as they transition to LTE communication devices. As your trusted security partner, we at STANLEY Security want to provide you with the best options for upgrading your system to avoid loss of communication with our monitoring center when this transition occurs.

Your fire and/or intrusion system may use one of the systems being retired. If so, you will need an LTE communicator for your signals to be received at our monitoring station after retirement of these legacy systems, starting as early as February 2022.

If you choose not to upgrade your cellular radio to LTE communication, you will lose all cellular communication with our monitoring center once 3G/ GSM and CDMA are retired. To avoid this outcome, please reach out to us immediately.

Call STANLEY Security at 1.866.214.6529 to speak to a security consultant about the best options or provide your information below and someone will be in touch to discuss next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

3G/GSM and CDMA Sunset

To give you a better understanding of what this means to you, we put together a list of FAQs related to the upcoming 3G/GSM and CDMA network sunset to help you ensure your business security system's connectivity.

3G/GSM and CDMA are Being Retired

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