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Executive Round-Table: 2022 Industry Trends Report

5 Min Read | February 11, 2022
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The world is certainly changing, and at the center of that is how we work, how we engage with technology to solve problems, and ultimately, the way we do business.

Executive Round-Table: 2022 Industry Trends Report

That’s why STANLEY Security is proud to release its third annual Industry Trends Report, revealing the key trends that industry leaders expect will shape the security industry in 2022 and beyond.

Watch this video to hear from Global President Matthew Kushner, Matthieu Le-Taillandier, who serves as General Manager of France, the UK, Ireland, and Benelux, and Chief Technology Officer Charlie Erickson.

Innovative Security Solutions Key to Redefining Business of the Future

The following is an excerpt from STANLEY Security's 2022 Industry Trends Report.

More than ever before, security has the power to redefine the business of the future.

The reality is: The way we work and live has fundamentally changed. Organizations across the globe are facing tremendous headwinds –not the least of which are inflationary pressures, labor shortages, and a global pandemic that created a new reality we are all navigating.

This new reality has placed health and safety squarely in the middle of all business priorities, leading to increased reliance on security providers to help organizations create safer, healthier, and more efficient environments.

We’re just beginning to see organizations expand their focus beyond solving the immediate health and safety challenges, but we will soon see a marked shift as they continue to rebuild for the future.

New priorities will emerge –chief among them are driving operational efficiencies, finding cost savings, and optimizing logistics. These are increasingly top of mind, as organizations face economic challenges presented by supply chain disruptions and the inflation surge. To this end, organizations are asking: How can I extract more value out of my existing investments? Herein lies one of the biggest untapped opportunities for organizations, especially as it relates to security infrastructure. Stored within these systems are incredibly rich insights that, when unlocked, can help drive productivity and efficiencies, fuel business growth, and protect profit margins.

Still, another emerging priority is the heightened focus on sustainability initiatives. Underscored by an organization’s purpose and commitment to being a good corporate steward, these initiatives not only have the potential to attract talent, but they are also increasingly demanded by investors.

We’ll likely see businesses pick up these efforts with renewed vigor, with an eye toward improving environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ratings that affect investment decisions. In much the same way security technology can power cost savings and business efficiencies, so too can this technology help organizations achieve ESG goals.

Innovative, sustainable, and data-driven solutions that help organizations create safer, healthier, and more efficient environments will be key to redefining the business of the future.


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