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How Workplace Management Will Shape the Future 

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The way we work and the way we manage operations can be streamlined for efficiency. In this conversation, Sr. Product Marketing Director of STANLEY Security Julie Brown shares how Workplace Management (Powered by CloudGate) helps create a healthier, more secure, and ultimately, a more efficient environment. 

How Workplace Management Will Shape the Future

Q: Julie, I’m really excited about this conversation, but before we get started, can you tell us more about yourself? 

A: I’m Julie Brown, and I’m our senior product marketing director. I work really closely with a lot of our solutions trying to figure out what problems our customers are facing, how we can find a solution, and then telling that story to as many people as possible to help them with their day-to-day operations. 

Q: Perfect, but before we get started, I have one quick question for you. Can you say in your own words, what is workplace management?  

A: Those are two words that you can say in a lot of different contexts, but what it could it mean and how I view it is something really all-encompassing. 

Wherever your workplace might be, especially this day and age where some of us are in that hybrid model, workplace management is how you are as a business handling and managing everything at your facility or building. 

This includes anything from managing the space, the rooms and doors, or how you have people come in and out of the building, whether they are visitors, contractors, customers, or your staff and employees. 

This can also mean how you check them in, how they get out of the building, where they sit, or what areas of the building they can access. And are there any special policies or screenings that need to be involved? It’s managing that whole entire experience so that you can help make the workspace or environment healthier, safer, and more efficient. 

Q: I’m going to put you on the spot a little bit here. I know visitor management is just part of this topic, but I’ve heard you tell a really great story about how visitor management can solve some pretty basic problems for organizations. Can you maybe give us an example from your own experiences about how this can solve some problems for organizations? 

A: Yes, and ever since working here I’m catching myself looking around corners for what kind of security systems a building has, and now that I’ve been so focused on workplace and visitor management, I really see those out in the world.  

I take my kids to swim lessons every week, and we’re not members of this pool, so I don’t have the fun little card where I can scan to enter. Instead, I actually sign in my family on a visitor logbook, and it’s literally a pen and paper. Sometimes I think about it because they don’t check my ID, so they have no idea who I am, if I paid for the lessons, so it’s really on the honor system. Then, when my kids are done with swim lessons and we leave the building, we don’t sign out. Lately I’ve been thinking that if there was a fire alarm, how would they know who’s in the building? How could they account for everyone? If it was just more automated, it would create so much less work for the front-desk person, you wouldn’t have a ton of extra lines, and ultimately, things would be a little more safe and secure.  


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Workplace management [powered by CloudGate] is a flexible and integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that efficiently manages your space and automates your security, safety, compliance, and health processes.  

Let us help you operate more efficiently, reduce liability and risk, and foster a safe and healthy environment for employees, contractors, and visitors.  


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