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Trends, Opportunities and the 'Key to Resilience' in 2021

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We’re witnessing one of the biggest transformations of security in modern history.

Trends, Opportunities and the ‘Key to Resilience’ in 2021

This blog post includes an excerpt from STANLEY Security’s 2021 Industry Trends Report. To download the full report, click here.

We’re witnessing one of the biggest transformations of security in modern history.

COVID-19 has challenged us as a society to rethink how we view security. The scope and role of security have expanded from protecting physical and digital assets to promoting safer, healthier and more efficient environments.

This has prompted a rapid shift from analog and disparate to digital, touchless and highly integrated. As a result, organizations are now looking for an ecosystem of security solutions that can not only help protect their people and assets, but also drive their growth in the new economy.

At the same time, the pandemic has accelerated innovation and data transformation. As an industry, we’re now three to four years ahead of where we would have been – and customer expectations have evolved at a similar rate.

For years, a general reluctance to move to the cloud has prevented widespread adoption of cloud-hosted and “as-a-service” (XaaS) solutions. Now more than ever, organizations understand how critical remote administration capabilities are in managing their people, assets and facilities in the future.

Coupled with that is their need for real-time insights powered by Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). As organizations have access to more security data, AI and machine learning are vital in extracting key insights and identifying patterns that can drive more efficient and effective decision-making.

All of these shifts are laying the foundation for a more predictive and proactive future – and one that’s characterized by data-driven insights and frictionless experiences. In a world defined by complexity and uncertainty, the future of security is integrated, seamless and simple, so organizations can keep their people safe, safeguard their assets, protect their networks and manage their operations.

Along with the many challenges that the global pandemic has presented, we’re seeing new opportunities for organizations to adapt and thrive.

The key to resilience in 2021 will be organizations’ ability to recover, repair, revitalize and reposition – and security must be an integral part of that process.

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