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For the Next Generation of Protectors and Innovators 

The nature of work and jobs within the security industry is rapidly changing,  driven not only by industrial and technological innovations and new innovative health, safety, and security solutions, but also by transformative events such as the global pandemic.

Our vision, as part of Stanley Black & Decker, is to enable 10 millions creators and makers thrive in an ever changing world, and through several initiatives we are empowering the protectors and makers of today and tomorrow master the skills and expertise needed to secure productive jobs within the security industry and help to make our work, home, and public environments safer, healthier, and more efficient.

Photo grid of STANLEY Security scholarship recipients

International Scholarship Program

In partnership with Scholarship America, we have launched the “STANLEY Security Technology Scholarship”. Offering over 20 scholarships globally, this program aims to empower the next generation of protectors and innovators, providing them with opportunities to develop the vocational and trade skills needed to work in the security technology industry of today and in the future.

Technician Apprenticeship Program

The expertise and insight of experienced mentors and managers will guide a new generation of security professionals in pursuit of a successful career within the STANLEY Security organization.

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STANLEY Security technician installing camera

Maker Month 2021

As part of Stanley Black & Decker, at STANLEY Security every October is devoted to Maker Month—working to empower makers and tradespeople around the world and inspire individuals to pursue trade skills. This October we are proud to be shining a light on the Technician field. Technicians bring a human touch to a very technical field. They build and nurture customer relationships, listen to the customer needs, and help to create solutions that add more value to businesses allowing them to operate safely and efficiently.

Protecting people and property is an integral part of serving the community.

Tammy the Commercial Fire Alarm Inspector

It gives me pride doing what I do, and I feel glad that my work makes people feel safe.

Jakob the Installation Technician

Knowing the skills I've developed over the years are being called upon every day gives me a sense of achievement.

Sam, Senior Service Technician

Want to join us as a technician?