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What does STANLEY Security's system include?

The basic wireless system includes:

  • 1 control panel + Keyboard & Siren integrated
  • 2-3 door contacts
  • 1 smoke detector
  • 1 motion detector
  • 24/7 connection to the emergency centre

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Classic Advantage
Wi-Fi Control
GSM Control
Signal Transmission Telephone Line Wi-Fi Cellular Data (GSM) Wi-Fi and GSM
Interactive Features Unidirectional Ubik Standard Bidirectional Standard Bidirectional Superior Bidirectional
Intrusion Monitoring
Fire Monitoring
Extended Maintenance
STANLEY Benefits
Specific Equipment
  • Wi-Fi Module
  • GSM Module
  • BlueTooth
  • Integrated Photo Camera
Monthly Rates $24.95 $29.95 $34.95 $39.95


  • A classic alarm system driven by today’s modern technologies.
  • Ensure the safety of your loved ones and your belongings with this security solution.
  • ClassicAdvantage keeps you informed at all times via your Smartphone.

Monthly Rate: $24.95


  • A simple interactive and affordable alarm system.
  • This system communicates by using a WiFi signal; thus eliminating the need for a residential telephone line.

Monthly Rate: $29.95


  • Provides a reliable, safe and complete protection at all times.
  • This system communicates by using a cellular GSM signal; thus eliminating the need for a residential phone line.

Monthly Rate: $34.95


  • Combining protection, automation and interactive control this reinvented alarm system is the most flexible option on the market.
  • Ecology and safety join forces to protect your residence and reduce your energy consumption.
  • We live in an era of connectivity. With SecurEnergy, your mobile phone becomes a window to your house wherever you are.

Monthly Rate: $39.95

Safe and Secure at All Times

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