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Protecting over 700k buildings globally, with powerful and intuitive security solutions that enable protectors to drive the world forward today and tomorrow.






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Protect Your Business With a Single Ecosystem

The STANLEY Security UNA™ ecosystem integrates your security, health and safety hardware and software solutions into one customizable experience. With UNA, your business is safer, healthier and more efficient - simply seamlessly.


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UNA's Solutions Predictively and Proactively Help You to:

Why We're Different

Global Accounts Program

Our global accounts program helps organizations integrate and maintain a consistent security experience across worldwide locations. With coverage across six continents, we can support you all over the globe.

We recognize the organizational value of a single source for global security needs. Our global and local touch empowers clients with a convenient security experience across 6 continents.

Why We're Different

National Accounts Program

We offer the security’s leading National Account Program, coordinating your security and fire needs to make the most efficient use of your time. With a single-source national security solution with a single point of contact, all customized to your systems, preferences and procedures. 

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