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The Wealthy Retailer Podcast, featuring Topher Cramm

Time lapse of people shopping in department store

In this episode of The Wealthy Retailer podcast, retail security expert Topher Cramm shares his perspective on why shrinkage is on the rise and how retailers can use technology solutions to mitigate the problem. The following is an excerpt from the podcast:

"The global retail industry suffers from $100B in shrink — financial loss due to missing revenue, wasted inventory, stolen goods, or improper accounting — every year. It historically has been a major pain point for retailers. To combat this issue, retailers have begun to implement various loss prevention strategies, including video surveillance and additional policies to control the shrink. While most retailers have seen success from these measures, in particular, large retailers are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to support their efforts. By embracing these advanced technologies, retailers can predict fraudulent behavior in the forms of shoplifting, internal theft, administrative errors, and more."

Listen to the full episode here