The Challenge

In 2015, the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office in Nashville, Tenn. required a comprehensive, highly intuitive electronic security upgrade for its two main campus facilities that would fully integrate various security operations to be controlled from a single, centralized location.

The Solution

STANLEY Security, in deploying its premier Commander Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solution, streamlined the facilities’ access control, video surveillance, analytics software, intercom, alarm, duress, and real-time notification systems to be managed on a single, master touch screen platform. For the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, this provides correctional and supervisory personnel the ability to monitor activity at the locations 24/7/365, enhancing overall security and operational efficiency. The Customer Since the establishment of Nashville’s metropolitan government in 1963, the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office is charged with two major functions: to ensure the safety and security of all inmates housed in Davidson County jails, and to enable metropolitan law enforcement agencies’ ability to provide respectful service of all civil processes. As a high-quality institution, fully accredited by the American Correctional Association (ACA), the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office currently oversees more than 4,000 inmates, over 850 employees, and an $80-million budget to serve over 600,000 residents in the Nashville metropolitan area.

The Opportunity

Two years ago, the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office – comprised of two, three-building compounds set 30 miles apart in the Downtown and Harding Place areas of Nashville – required a newly upgraded, fully integrated electronic security system with a more flexible, scalable infrastructure that would keep pace with the evolution and unique challenges of a metropolitan correctional environment. “We’re a progressive entity, and we needed a solution that would be as flexible as we are from an operational standpoint,” said Tony Wilkes, Chief of Corrections for the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office. “From door control to camera views to touch screen monitoring and demo reconfigurations, every element implemented had to be contingent on the needs of our agency. It was time for us to have a system that would meet the expectations of the times we live in now.”

“Davidson County was a truly unique customer for us. From day one, they knew what they wanted and were very involved. We were proud to be able to provide them with a highly customized solution that showcased our knowledge and capabilities within the corrections market, but primarily served to fit their needs.”
— Matt Hildebrand, Sales Engineer, STANLEY Security

prison security employee at monitor station
Product Spotlight

Commander PSIM Solution

STANLEY Security’s Commander PSIM solution uses proven, non-proprietary software platforms and integrates with many security, facilities, information, and notification systems. Commander’s graphical, real-time, touch screen interface simplifies and streamlines operations, offering total security and access from a single source. This convergent security solution leverages an industry-defining, holistic security approach by connecting manufacturers, integrators, and end-users.

With over 600 successful installations deployed in corrections environments alone, STANLEY Security’s Commander PSIM solution is well-regarded, able to provide the highest level of safety and security by employing the best-fit, intelligent, convergent technologies available to efficiently respond to and offer evidentiary support in the investigation into any threat or incident on the premises. By bridging disconnects and gaps between physical and enterprise security, the Commander solution delivers a significant return on investment, while providing instant access to useful information to allow agencies to make more informed decisions, and an enhanced ability to act on defined operating protocols, should an event occur.

“Our previous system performed like we needed it to, but had a very closed architecture,” said Bob Storey, Database Administrator (DBA) for the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County. “We needed to be able to make necessary modifications to the system, such as changing, adding or moving a door or camera, without having to go through a vendor. In this kind of rapidly changing environment, we needed a sense of autonomy.”

"STANLEY Security really blew us away. I believe that we’re a progressive organization, and they are just as forward-thinking, able to entertain questions and thoughts about future technologies and solutions. This solution has been a godsend, it’s provided peace of mind and allows us to hold essential parties accountable."
— Tony Wilkes, Chief of Corrections, Davidson County Sheriff’s Office

close up of finger pointing at syntinel screen
Prison guard monitoring corrections security station

For the upgraded security system, the agency required the necessary integration of all systems present in the six buildings onto a single interface and platform, with the crucial ability to control all components remotely from a centralized workstation.

“What [Davidson County] had was a system that couldn’t be modified or added to, with virtually no support and no linkage between the individual sites,” said Matt Hildebrand, Sales Engineer for STANLEY Security. “But our corrections group is a collection of qualified, degreed engineers, who can resolve roadblocks with a high level of expertise. The moment we presented the agency with our Commander PSIM solution, Davidson County saw the benefit in partnering with STANLEY Security for this project.”

STANLEY Security's Solution

Recognizing the complexity of the installation, STANLEY Security worked closely with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office’s IT personnel in evaluating a totally customized, coordinated security systems approach, provided through the Commander PSIM solution. This allows for centralized, remote access and control of all primary systems with multiple, authorized personnel able to interface seamlessly at once via various, touch screen workstations that monitor the facility 24/7.

“All throughout the installation process, it was working with STANLEY Security on the design phase that was really impressive,” Storey said. “STANLEY Security made sure we were on the same page at all points during the installation, ensuring that the system performs exactly as we wanted it.”

STANLEY Security was attentive to all of Davidson County’s distinctive needs, even incorporating a checks-and-balances feature into the overall solution.

“There’s a hierarchy of control capabilities, based on each individual’s security clearance and authorization,” said Josh White, engineer for STANLEY Security. “There are the localized control areas for each workstation, which several officers are authorized to monitor and use, and there’s also a grand master station in the sheriff’s office that is able to issue a full takeover of all other stations, should a disaster, event or lockdown situation occur.”

In addition to the takeover feature, comprehensive event logs are recorded at every Commander station, tracking all data, camera views, and analytics that are accessed – and by whom.

“This offers the customer the ability to search all actions taken and information accessed from the entire system and subsystems; no matter what command or movement occurs on any of the Commander touch screens, we know the ‘who, what and when’,” said Chris Marlow, engineer for STANLEY Security. “For instance, when operators acknowledge an alarm, input on how the user at the station responded is recorded, creating an event log that IT staff can access for evidentiary and troubleshooting purposes.”

“This was the smoothest transition we’ve ever experienced, in terms of this kind of widespread installation. STANLEY Security’s solution performs exactly as advertised, and takes into consideration all of our exclusive modifications to allow us to conduct business the way we need to.”
— Bob Storey, Database Administrator, Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County

“We have to conduct investigations on a daily basis into violations or occurrences at any of the facilities,” said Storey. “With this solution, we’re able to provide building administrators and other necessary personnel with access to all pertinent information to resolve the issue, and fully examine it from all perspectives.”

Between the two facilities, STANLEY Security also upgraded nearly 350 video surveillance cameras, 635 intercoms, five elevator control interfaces, and provided expanded, configured data storage capabilities to accommodate for the Commander system’s extensive, consistent logs on all information accessed from any of Commander’s 15 touch screen control stations. STANLEY Security also designed and implemented a fiber optic backbone to connect the compounds for complete systems convergence.

The Results

Throughout the installation and beyond, STANLEY Security has solidified itself as a long-lasting partner with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, inviting key personnel out to its Indianapolis headquarters after the award of the contract to train side-by-side in the intricacies and use of the system to ensure immediate, apt operational efficiency once the installation had been completed. The totality of and centralized access provided by the Commander solution offers immense peace of mind to the Davidson County corrections team, launching an ongoing relationship with STANLEY Security that will reach well into the future.

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