As a security partner, the safety and well-being of our customers is priority number one.

That extends to the products and services we provide, and to the way our technicians deliver them. Whether our technicians are auditing, installing or servicing security systems at your premises, their goal is always to support safely and hygienically.

With safety and hygiene becoming increasingly vital in society due to COVID-19 challenges, we understand that our technicians must be even more vigilant than usual. So, we’ve adapted the processes they’re trained to follow when working at your premises and in direct contact with you. They include:

  • Self-checking their temperature and sanitizing their vehicle and tools before traveling to customer locations
  • Wearing appropriate PPE and maintaining social distancing while carrying out work
  • Sanitizing all working areas before and after carrying out work
  • Properly disposing of PPE and sanitizing before visiting their next location
  • Adhering to any additional safety guidelines set by you

Following these strict guidelines is top-of-mind for our technicians, so they can continue to keep both you and themselves healthy. As life in the new normal continues to evolve, we’ll be monitoring and updating our processes regularly – and training our technicians accordingly.

In addition to delivering a safe and hygienic face-to-face experience, we’re also continuing to seek new contactless ways to serve you. That includes more remote solutions and means of providing support – allowing us to reduce contact when it’s safer and quicker to be virtual.

You work hard to keep your employees and customers safe, and we’re committed to empowering you to do so. We stand with you as you continue to help the world progress.