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Remote Guard - the alternative to Security Guards

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How to reduce your security guard budget, whilst maintaining the same level of security. Is there a much more efficient method of managing vehicle access to a site?

Remote Guard - the alternative to Security Guards

How to reduce your security guard budget, whilst maintaining the same level of security

If you run or own a site that has a number of vehicles entering and exiting regularly, such as a depot or warehouse, then there’s a good chance you have a gatehouse of some description manned with security personnel.  They are primarily in place to ensure only authorised vehicles access the site.  Unless you have vehicles moving in and out at all times, for the most part these security guards have little to do.  You can’t really allocate many additional responsibilities to them as they need to be present and ready to intercept and authenticate the next vehicle that arrives or leaves.

Is there a much more efficient method of managing vehicle access to a site?

In this blog, we will cover:

  • How much does a security guard cost?
  • What alternatives are there to 24 hour security guard costs?
  • How much does remote guard cost?
  • What other remote options are available?
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How much does a security guard cost?

As you might expect, the cost of employing the services of a security guard differs according to location, so you will pay more for a London site than, for example, one in Doncaster, which partly reflects the cost of living in these areas.  A further factor is the level of experience/skill required, although in the case of gatehouse operatives, this will generally be a lower skill level. 

If you intend to employ a guard directly then a typical security guard salary will be in the region of £20k-25k per annum, plus NI etc. for one full time guard.  Obviously, you will need cover for holidays and breaks, plus if you require round the clock guarding, you’re going to need more than one person.  These costs quickly mount up as you can see. 

Most companies prefer not go down this path and instead go through a professional manned guarding company.  This removes the hassle of direct employment and ensures you benefit from a trained guard, but it will cost you more - anywhere from £10 – 40 per hour. 

Whichever way you look at it, if you have guards on site, you’re facing a bill of potentially tens of thousands of pounds every year, just to manage vehicle access.

Successful organisations are always looking at ways to work more efficiently, and with many hit hard by the pandemic and budgets reduced considerably, now is the time to look at how you can achieve the security results you need at a lesser cost.

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What alternatives are there to 24 hour security guard costs?  

Technology can’t always replace people, but by cleverly using electronic security and remote ‘guards’, you get the desired outcome without paying people when they are not directly occupied with your work.  And yes, you still get to employ the services of real people, just real people working remotely from your site!

STANLEY Security’s Remote Guard uses a clever combination of CCTVAccess Control, intercoms and Remote Monitoring to take over the duties of security guards, all at a fraction of the cost.

From our Category 2 NSI Gold Standard BS5979 accredited monitoring centre, our highly trained professional operatives use electronic security systems on your site as their eyes, ears, voice and even hands.

  • CCTV cameras are used as their eyes on the site, enabling them to identify and validate incoming vehicles.
  • Intercom and cameras with 2-way audio provide both the ears and voice to effectively communicate with drivers and provide any instructions required
  • Access control acts as the hands, to unlock doors, gates and barriers.
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How much does Remote Guard cost?

You’ll be surprised to hear that Remote Guard starts from around as little as £2.99 per hour* per month over a four-year period, including ALL equipment and full professional monitoring 24/7.  For the same price, that gets you an on-site guard for around three to four hours per month.  So, you can see we’re not exaggerating when we say Remote Guard is a fraction of the cost!


* Excludes any additional equipment you may require but can be discussed during consultation.

What other remote options are available?

Remote Guard is just one of the remote security monitoring services that STANLEY Security provides.  With more and more organisations wanting to maintain site security, but without the expense of on-site staff, we have expanded our remote monitoring services to cover:

  • Remote Video Verification
  • Remote Camera Activation

Select from extra services to complement your chosen package:

  • Remote Audio Talk-down
  • Remote Guard Tours
  • Remote Video Safeguard
  • Remote Guard
  • STANLEY Guard
  • Remote Video Verification and Audio Challenge
  • Remote Key Holding and Alarm Response

Find out more about Remote Guard, or any of our remote security management services