Alarm Verification

Reduce false alarms and improve emergency response times with an alarm verification system. 

False Alarms, By the Numbers

The Disadvantages of Non-Verified Alarms


of triggered alarms are false


average minutes for the police to respond to a non-verified alarm 


of intruders are apprehended with a non-verified alarm 

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Decrease Business Losses

STANLEY alarm verification combines the latest in digital security technology with 24/7 professional monitoring and mobile access to live/recorded video on your smart phone to potentially increase the likelihood of:

  • Priority Police Response
  • Decreased Business Losses and Increased Apprehension Rates
  • Reduced Disruption to Your Business
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Keep Eyes on My Business

Using our comprehensive mobile app, you can view both live and recorded video and audio to see exactly what is happening at your property. When an alarm is triggered, STANLEY Security’s monitoring professionals quickly review your system to verify that a criminal act is in progress, and once verified will notify law enforcement. Emergency responders have been shown to arrive on-scene in a fraction of the time they would take for a non-verified alarm.

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The Advantages of Alarm Verification

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Improve Police Response Time

Police place a higher priority on a verified crime in progress.  

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Increase Apprehensions

Increase the chances of the apprehension of an intruder with faster police response times. 

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Prevent Business Losses

Improve the possibility of recovering anything stolen by raising the chances of apprehension.

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Avoid False Alarm Fees

Avoid fees for false alarms and the ensuing waste of law enforcement resources. 

Instead of ‘investigating after the fact,’ video gives us the means to catch criminals in the act, and actually prevent crime and reduce cost.

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