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Scaling the Flexible Workspace Model

Discover how the shift to a flexible workspace model has impacted businesses, and how security solutions are helping them scale this model.

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American Rescue Plan Provides Key Funding to Schools and Government Entities

The American Rescue Plan provides funding for schools, government and other entities that can help them enhance health, safety and security.

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Stopping a Tragedy in its Tracks: University of Kentucky Uses Video Surveillance in 'Dynamic Takedown' of Armed Suspect

University of Kentucky Chief Police Joe Monroe shares video surveillance technology helped stop tragedy in its tracks.

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Our vision to create a safer, healthier and more efficient world is designed around your unique needs and challenges.

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As a leading global integrator of comprehensive security solutions, we provide a wide range of security systems, remote services and specialized support.

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Discover how we’re partnering with AWS to use video data and edge analytics to seamlessly solve problems beyond security.

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[STANLEY Security’s] commitment and level of passion is broader than just access control or security; it’s making the community, itself, a safe place.

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These are powerful troubleshooting tools. [They] allow us to respond to system health across our system in a very proactive manner.

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We are always going to go above and beyond for our students, and it’s great to have found in STANLEY Security a partner who really understands that.

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