5 Benefits of Becoming a Security Technician

4 Min Read | October 6, 2020
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Security technicians play a vital role in making working and living environments safer, healthier and more efficient. They’re on the frontline installing innovative security technologies at businesses and organizations, and helping them to manage and solve problems.

5 Benefits of Becoming a Security Technician


Security technicians play a vital role in making working and living environments safer, healthier and more efficient. They’re on the frontline installing innovative security technologies at businesses and organizations, and helping them to manage and solve problems.

However, as we experience a global talent shortage – with 10 million jobs unfilled due to gaps in skills – the role of the security technician is in jeopardy.

That’s why we’re providing people the opportunity to develop the vocational and trade skills needed to work as install and service technicians. We’re committed to closing the skills gap and offering students the ability to further their interest in this critical field.

Additionally, we’re dedicating the month of October to recognizing security technicians, highlighting some of the many benefits of this career path. This initiative is part of Stanley Black & Decker’s annual Maker Month celebration – a month dedicated to recognizing those who make things: products, solutions, innovations. At STANLEY Security, we’re celebrating and supporting security technicians, the makers of safer, healthier and more efficient environments.

As you’ll learn in this blog post, the dynamic nature of the security technician role means no two working days are ever the same, but each day provides an opportunity to make a difference.

We sat down with a few of our security technicians who solve problems every day to learn more about why they’re passionate about their role and why others should pursue this field. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of being a security technician from STANLEY Security’s Eric Roge, Buck Wieczynski, Terry Spry and David Morris.

What excites you most about your role?

Eric: “The diversity of my role as an installation technician with STANLEY Security is what excites me most. There’s always something new, which wards away the feeling of stagnation – new people, new projects and a broad range of products. I’ve always considered myself the multitool of the electronics industry.”

Buck: “What excites me most about my role is when I get to start at the beginning of a project and listen to the customer’s issues. I get a spark or an idea, and it grows from there. We see the customer get excited to see an idea become more than just a product. To be able to execute, see the plan through and solve a customer’s challenges – that’s what excites me.”

Terry: “Working with and learning ever-changing technology.”

David: “As an installation technician, we perform the install, do some sales and also project manage some of the jobs. What’s most important to me, though, is the relationship I build with the customer.”

What are the benefits of being a security technician?

1. Personal and Professional Satisfaction

Buck: “Pride in protecting the meek and unprotected and being able to say, ‘You’ll be safer when we’re done.’ Also, engaging with the customer and making a friend in the process. To be seen later after the project and be introduced as ‘this is Buck, the guy I was telling you about that solved…’”

David: “When I arrive at a customer’s site where they may have or may not have any of the systems we offer and I install one. To see the customer’s reaction when finished is priceless. That is one of my personal favorites. The satisfaction – both personal and that of the customer – upon the completion of an install is so worth the work that is put into it.”

2. Being Part of an Evolving Industry

Buck: “It’s not just door contacts and motion detectors. We are an industry that is ever-growing. We are a multifaceted industry and profession that spans so much more than just being a wire puller. We are customer advocates, we are sales engineers, we are programmers, we are consultants. I could go on and on.”

3. Access to Endless Learning Opportunities

David: “The opportunities to expand your knowledge on current technology are endless. The variety of systems we encounter are not only interesting but can be added to our resume as well.”

4. The Ability to Serve

Terry: “Meeting and helping out people working in a variety of industries.”

Buck: “Being part of a team that cares about what they do and what they are doing for the community.”

5. Diversity of Work

Terry: “It’s an ever-changing work environment.”

Eric: “There’s rarely a dull moment with the diversity of work. There’s a lot of self-management with being a field technician and there’s a broad range of technology that a technician can become an expert in.”

What advice would you give others who are considering becoming a technician?

Eric: “Don’t settle for mediocrity by only doing the bare minimum. Take time and commit to learn more, so as to become more valuable to your organization and yourself.”

Buck: “This job is not easy; it takes hard work and dedication. We are here to serve our customers and make sure that all is safe inside and outside of their four walls. We make that happen by being Jacks and Janes of all trades.”

Terry: “Keep an open mind and learn from others’ experience. There tend to be multiple ways to perform a task – watch, listen and learn from others. Then, you can develop your own way that makes you efficient.”

David: “If you are looking for a company or career that provides you with the chance to learn multiple [systems] as well as opportunities to advance in your role, then look no farther. STANLEY Security can do all of that.”


Stanley Black & Decker is committed to closing the skills gap that continues globally, so in addition to celebrating our technicians this month, we’re also committing to support future technicians to develop the skills needed to enter the industry and succeed in their careers.

We’re working together with schools and colleges in North America, the UK and Europe to provide funding and support to students with technical interests. 

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