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How a Growing Credit Union Scaled its Security Program to Address Modern Threats

2 Min Read | August 26, 2020
An image of the VyStar Credit Union building
How a Growing Credit Union Scaled its Security Program to Address Modern Threats

This blog post includes excerpts from the case study, “VyStar Credit Union Evolves Best-in-Class Security Program”. To download the full case study, click here.

VyStar Credit Union started as Jax Navy Federal Credit Union in 1952. When it became VyStar in 2002, the credit union spanned several counties in Florida. It’s now the second-largest credit union headquartered in the state, with 58 branches and 230 ATMs in operation.

With such a broad profile, VyStar’s security efforts need to encompass many factors in order to ensure the safety of the credit union’s members, staff and assets. To minimize risk and stay ahead of threats, VyStar turned to STANLEY Security.


While expanding its footprint and addressing the ever-changing threat landscape, how does VyStar Credit Union protect against current threats and plan for the future of its security program?

“Back in the day, robbery was the number one threat you had to try to prevent,” said Kevin Owens, Vice President of Corporate Security & Safety. “It has since shifted to fraud and white-collar crimes. Evaluating threats and looking at what equipment is out there that can help us minimize the risk and thwart these activities is our biggest security concern.”


Partner with STANLEY Security to create customized solutions to protect the credit union’s members, staff and assets.

  • Upgrading security measures to keep up with evolving technology
  • Streamlining physical and digital security measures
  • Embedding STANLEY Security technicians to support VyStar’s security initiatives

“I believe not in customer-business relationships but rather in partnership relationships, where we’re sharing ideas and helping develop products — which we’ve been doing with STANLEY Security,” Kevin said.


  • Reduced costs
  • Improved system uptime
  • Decreased troubleshooting response time
  • Consistency of security processes among branches
  • 85% reduction in time for VyStar’s fraud team to track down video to investigate fraudulent transactions

“To me, security means providing a safe and secure work environment for all my fellow employees,” Kevin said. “It also means providing our members with a safe place in which to conduct their financial business and ensuring all of VyStar’s assets are protected.”

To learn more about how VyStar is protecting against current threats and planning for the future of security, download the full case study.

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