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Partnering Together for Safer Education

The first priority of educational facilities worldwide is to provide a safe and secure environment for their students and staff. Whether it’s for a small-town elementary school or large city university, an efficient, reliable security system is required to help ensure that students, teachers and visitors can feel safe and secure on-site. 

At STANLEY Security, we understand that with each school comes different challenges, objectives and constraints. Each educational facility has their own layout, location, population and other site-specific challenges requiring varying levels of flexibility and complexity that suit their individual needs. We will work with you to design, implement and maintain an integrated security solution that allows you to focus on what matters most: providing a learning environment that empowers the makers, innovators and leaders of our future to progress. 

Security Challenges Schools Face 

When it comes to school security, today’s challenges range from the spread of viruses to theft. Mitigating these risks and improving the health and safety of school classrooms requires our comprehensive approach.

Tomorrow’s Solutions for Today’s Educators 

In today’s increasingly unpredictable world, it’s simply not enough to be reactive - we must be predictive of tomorrow’s challenges. The obstacles faced by schools, colleges and universities are constantly evolving, and so are we. We’re continuously learning, collaborating and innovating to ensure that our educational protectors are consistently empowered to progress. Whether it’s facing new challenges such as the spread of COVID-19 and the necessity of social distancing, or traditional problems such as school vandalism and classroom theft, we’ll be there to help the leaders of our educational facilities rise to the occasion. 

Why Stanley Security?

For Educators Who Make the World Progress 

Cost- and Time-Efficient Ecosystems

Whether you want to update an existing school security system or build an entirely new one, our system designers will work with you to create one ecosystem for your school. With ever-increasing constraints on school budgets and educators’ time, we’ll help you design a simple, cost-efficient and integrated system that makes use of your existing components.

A Deep Understanding of School-Specific Needs

We understand how important it is to partner with educators, government officials and law enforcement to provide a safe learning environment for our children. For years, we’ve collaborated with small, local schools to large universities, giving us a deep understanding of the range of school-specific needs. 

Evolving to Meet Your Requirements

While schools can never truly know what problems lie ahead, our security experts are constantly working to be predictive of tomorrow’s challenges. The obstacles faced by educational facilities have evolved from simple fire and theft threats to pandemics and emergency lockdowns, so their security systems must evolve as well. We focus on the future so you can concentrate on the present. 

STANLEY Security was able to partner with us and really educate us more on what was a better solution [and] what was a better fit for our university.

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STANLEY Security was a partner in finding a holistic approach for us.

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