Professional Integrated Security Services

From security system integration to security risk assessments, STANLEY Security offers a wide range of professional and managed services.

Driving Results for Your Business

Deploying the right service solution is as important as your security system's initial design and installation. As a leading provider of global security solutions, STANLEY Security can offer you a range of professional and managed services, including systems integration, security risk assessments, operations training, data analytics and more. We’ve heavily invested in keeping up with the latest trends in technology, regulations and best practices to help ensure that your security systems remain top-of-the-line. Our team of security experts will work with you to find the right services for you, prioritizing efficiency, return on investment and driving results for your business. 

Network Protection By the Numbers

The Importance of Managed Network Security


Malicious emails are blocked each day


Web requests are inspected each day


Malicious software samples are collected and analyzed each day

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Our Services

We Offer A Range of Professional Services

  • Security Risk Assessments 
  • Software Solutions Group (SSG)
  • Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
  • Convergence Center for Excellence (CCE) 
  • On-Site Security System Operations Training 
  • Learning Center Courses on Security System Administration 

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Improve Your Operations

Our STANLEY Insights™ Professional Services Team

Gain a 360° view of your operation by partnering with our STANLEY Insights team. We provide an analytics assessment, ROI project model and data science services to use your data and create value for your business. Our team can: 

  • Assess your current analytical needs and define the problem 
  • Create a plan/model business case to see trends or behaviors and drive ROI 
  • Create a ROI Projection Model - this shows how leveraging STANLEY Insights can impact your bottom line and identify the projected rate of return 
  • Test business hypotheses, prepare and manage data and build dashboards and complex visualizations

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The Advantages of Our Professional & Managed Services

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Our Assessment Services

Security Consulting & Risk Assessments

We understand the security risks you face daily, and can take the lead and be your trusted source for your total security solution. Every company has their own unique security challenges, which is why we perform on-site facility security surveys and learn the needs of your organization. STANLEY Security will then review a variety of criteria such as available project funding, acceptable risk levels and ongoing lifecycle maintenance costs to ensure that your service solution matches your budget and security needs.

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A Team of Experts

Our Software Solutions Group 

The right software solution is essential to any effective security system. STANLEY Security has assembled our Software Solutions Group (SSG) to aid our partners in streamlining integration and security system software management. SSG consists of degreed and certified STANLEY Security employees with over 50 years of combined experience in managing physical security and IT platforms for a variety of industries, including financial institutions, universities, corporate facilities, government agencies, and more. Our SSG team is ready to support your needs, from system planning and design to system deployment - all while saving you time, money and resources. 

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Why STANLEY Security?

Experts in Professional & Managed Services

A Versatile Portfolio of Partners

Our knowledgable, certified security professionals have worked with clients ranging from local stores and small retail chains to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. This range of expertise across industries gives us the experience needed to identify security issues for any type of facility, and recommend effective solutions. 

Integrated Security Systems Services

Our integrated solutions combine multiple systems to create a comprehensive, unified security solution. From one highly complex facility, to a sprawling multi-building campus, to security system integration across multiple sites, STANLEY Security will partner with you to design a security solution that meets your total security and integration needs.

We’re Focused on Meeting Your Needs

Finding the right product for your business requires an in-depth understanding of the needs of your organization. Our security experts will work closely with you to learn your specific requirements and will consider your needs for scalability, functionality, features and any special requirements before proposing the most cost-effective solution.


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