Remote Monitoring

Increase the strength of your security system with our remote monitoring services suite from STANLEY Security.

STANLEY Security’s Comprehensive Remote Monitoring Suite

Reduce false alarms, decrease operating costs and enhance the level of protection of your people and assets with our comprehensive suite of remote monitoring services.

Our Remote Monitoring Suite Includes:

  • Remote Monitoring Services - Fire, Flood, Temperature, and Intruder Monitoring
  • Video Verification - either Alarm or Camera activated (with Audio add on)
  • Interactive Video Monitoring - Remote guard, Remote Guard Tours, Video Safeguard, STANLEY Guard, Remote Access Control Management (Automated Gates and Barriers) and Automated System Monitoring.
Monitoring, By the Numbers

Monitoring, By the Numbers


Our remote monitoring centers are fully-staffed 24/7


We work 365 days of the year to protect your business


Our remote monitoring suite includes over 10 services

STANLEY team monitoring center
Alarm Monitoring Services

We Provide Remote Alarm Monitoring For:

  • Fire 
  • Intrusion
  • Flooding
  • Temperature

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Video Monitoring

Remote Video Monitoring Includes:

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Case Study

Leading European Supermarket Chain

Remote monitoring can help organisations of all types to enhance their protection and maximise efficiency in their operations, however complex their challenges are. Here’s how we helped a leading European supermarket chain:

•    Complex Project Implementation
•    Remote Guarding for all their distribution centres
•    Validate driver and license plate for arriving vehicles
•    Control of automatic gates – Guidance to drivers
•    Operating six days a week 
•    Annual savings of £34,500 per site on man-guarding

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The Advantages of Our Remote Monitoring Suite

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Systems Service Assurance

Protect the integrity of your organisation’s video pathway with STANLEY Intelligent Maintenance™, which uses remote monitoring and intelligent automation.

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Video Verification

Reduce the risk of false alarms and the need for physical guards - saving you time and money - through our video verification services, which enables alarms to be remotely verified.

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Remote Guarding

Safeguard your assets and protect your people - whether they’re in or out of your building. Our remote guarding services deliver remote surveillance and response capabilities.

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Remote Tours

Our remote tours enable our live agents to connect to and monitor your video system, view live feeds and look for specific anomalies, and to take action based on your response plan.

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User Activated Monitoring

Activate service using a panic button, which triggers our live agents to respond to an alert, start a video session at your site and announce on-site that your property is being monitored.

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Video Safeguard

Request a virtual video chaperone when walking alone or in high-risk areas between points on a campus or within other protected areas.

Why STANLEY Security?

Experts in Remote Monitoring Solutions

A Full Remote Monitoring Suite

Our complete remote monitoring suite works to give you peace of mind so you can operate your business knowing that your people, property and assets are protected. We’ll meet the needs of your business with our scalable monitoring services, because we know that each organisation has unique requirements when it comes to their security.

We’re Monitoring Around the Clock

Your business is your livelihood, so any security threat can also threaten your personal peace of mind. We understand that in order to make a security system most effective (for both security and your own comfort), 24/7 alarm monitoring is essential. Our monitoring centres are open around the clock, so that whenever a security threat occurs, our skilled professionals will be there.

A Team of Expert Professionals

We employ highly skilled security experts who work with the best and latest equipment needed to effectively monitor all types of security systems. Each monitoring centre is up to date on industry standards and staff are regularly trained to help ensure our quality of service. Our commitment to quality is just one of the reasons why we’re trusted by industry leaders, Fortune 500 companies and more.


Learn More About Remote Monitoring Management

Learn More About Remote Monitoring Management