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With over 6,500 employees from around the globe, all from unique backgrounds, our team is reflective of the diverse organizations we serve.


The People of STANLEY Security

At STANLEY Security, our vision is to help build a safer, healthier, and more efficient world – and it’s our people that make that possible.

Those working behind the scenes to support our customers needs day in and day out. The problem solvers, creatives, and changemakers who are passionate about driving industry leading innovation that impacts organizations and people’s lives in meaningful ways.

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When I get asked, 'why IT?' I say I stumbled into it. It is more about how change happens and how connections are made and how pieces, where they're broken are fixed.

I knew STANLEY Security was a place where I could be comfortable. I can grow with the company, it's a place where I feel valued.

My story centers around content and storytelling, so it doesn't really matter if it's journalism or content marketing or PR; it's all around telling our brand's story.

As a long-distance runner, I spend a lot of time thinking about endurance, and training for endurance and...on the whole, people underestimate what they're capable of significantly.


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