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What's Covered in This Guide to Access Control?

What is Access Control?

You'll learn about the different solutions for access control and their benefits.

How Does it Work?

We explain how different Access Control systems work to help people move safely and smoothly throughout your business.

What Are the Benefits of Access Control?

There are three key reasons why modern solutions like biometric access and smartphone-enabled readers may be best for your business.

How to Choose the Right System

How to choose the perfect access control system for your unique needs.

Cloud Controlled Systems

A hosted or cloud-based access control system effectively moves the server from your premises to a data center (or similar) and hosts the equipment off-site.

How can Access Control Help You Work Towards a COVID-Secure Workplace

The importance of access control in our workplaces has been elevated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has changed the way that we work and the environments we work in. In this guide, we also look at ways in which Access Control can be used to support a safe and controlled environment in your building.

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