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Smart Home Security to Feel Safer, Comfier and Richer

Having a smart home isn't enough if it's not connected with the right security system to keep you and your assets safe
smart cameras at home

Improve Your Day-to-Day Operations with Business Video Analytics

These video analytics give cameras the power to identify people and objects, track movement, recognize actions or events taking place and ultimately respond to what they see based on your rules.
STANLEY security video analytics for business dashboard screengrab

Defend Your Business Against Cyberattacks

A 2020 report shows that 28% of data breaches targeted small businesses. You may not realize how much an establishment like yours is worth to a cybercriminal, but going after your bank account is only the start.
Time lapse of motorway at night with global net graphic overlaid.

Why Trust STANLEY Security?

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Residential Security

Control all your systems remotely to arm them, lock your doors, adjust your heating, view their status and even to have a live view of your cameras.


Receive real-time notifications when an event is detected by one of your security systems.


Get access to an event history and access to last-day records of your cameras and other systems as needed.

Have a quick access to view all the problems noted by your security system through the app.

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