Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection Automatic Water Shut Off Valve. A leak no longer a damage with the right flood sensor.

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Are you at risk for a flood following a water leak?

Yes, because it’s too easy for a little leak to turn into a big problem, especially if the valve is still flowing water in your house. These four scenarios are among the most common causes of a flood:

  • A corroded water heater: If the frame develops a little crack, unnoticed, the crack could easily grow and flood your basement.
  • A loose icemaker hose: It will slowly drip water onto the floor below. After weeks or months of this slow, steady dripping, the floor cavity could fill with water and create a long-term moisture problem in your walls.
  • A crack in the dishwasher hose: It’s usually gradual (a little leaking on laundry room floor). Then it splits and creates a full flood the next time you wash your dishes. 
  • An uneven flapper in the toilet: This is the stopper in the toilet you’ve probably futzed with once or twice. A simple slip of the chain is all it takes to flood a bathroom.
Why is it important to protect your house against water leaks?

To save on some important costs


According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, 60% of all insurance claims in Canada are a result of water damage. It's more than fire and theft claims combined.


Even more alarming is that an average basement flood carries a price tag of $43,000 in water damage remediation costs. But above the financial cost, a flood can also affect your health and sense of security by bringing unwanted moistures.

How the STANLEY Security System Water Leak Detection System can help

The STANLEY Security System Water Leak Detection System helps protect against water leaks originating inside your home. The system’s five water leak & flood sensors, strategically placed around the home, can detect a single droplet of water in the event of a leak. The Wi-Fi water flood sensors then send a signal to the water shut-off valve which automatically closes the water flow, significantly minimizing damage to your home.

The system will also send a push notification to your mobile phone to alert you that a leak occurred and that the valve was closed until you correct the situation and re-open it with the app. Whether you’re away on vacation or at work, you can keep your peace of mind knowing your home is protected.

Installing the STANLEY Security System Water Leak Detection System will also benefit you by lowering your insurance premiums. As flood risks continue to rise, more and more insurers are offering discounts on home insurance premiums when water-leak sensors are installed. By adding a water-leak & flood detection system into your home protection plan, you could save hundreds of dollars on your insurance premiums over a single year.

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Water Leak Detection

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The Advantages of a Water Leak Detection System

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Why Choose STANLEY for your Water-Leak Detectors?

We offer you the possibility of financing all your water shutdown installation projects, from the smallest to the largest, at the most advantageous conditions on the market!

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Why would you choose STANLEY Security?

There’s no such thing as short term when it comes to quality and safety. That’s why you’ve relied on STANLEY tools and services since 1843. We’ve seen some change in that time, and change isn’t slowing down any. We continue to add to and evolve our offerings from tools to engineered fastening solutions to locks and electronic security to this ventilation mask for airborne irritants. Working in over 60 countries, we’re recognized for meeting the highest industry standards around the world. Worldwide, we are: 

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Certified by the Central Station Alarm Association and the Homologated Bureau of Private Security (BSP).

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