Connected Car
GPS Tracker

A car GPS tracking device that does a lot.

A car GPS tracking device that does a lot

What is Connected Car (ADC-3035L)? It's a pretty simple plug & play GPS tracking device that is linked to your home security system and that gives you a lot of information on your car condition. Some of its features will allow you to see and track:

  • Car condition in real-time
  • Diver safety alerts
  • Diagnostic and security alerts
  • Location of the car at all times
  • Previous routes that the vehicle took

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Two phones display car GPS phone screens.

Can your car be connected with this GPS tracker?

To know if your car can be compatible with this car tracking tool, your car must have been produced from 1996. Also, if your car got produced in 2008 or more recently, you'll have access to better functionalities. Unfortunately, electric and hybrid cars are not supported by this tool. The Connected Car tool (ADC-3035L) uses the OBD-II port of the car, right under the steering wheel.

To have this tool added to your security system, you also need to have an alarm system that is connected to Alarm.Com with STANLEY Security.

What are the features of the Alarm.Com Connected Car?

  • 4G LTE
  • GPS for Location
  • Accelerometer for motion detection
  • Integrated reserve battery (in-case it gets unplugged) 
  • Works with STANLEY Interactive and Alarm.Com apps

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Two phones display car GPS phone screens.

Extend security to your car

What kind of notifications can this car GPS tracking device can send me?

From your phone app, you'll be able to see:

Car diagnostic:

  • Allows you to see if the check engine light is on
  • Know if the car battery level is low
  • See the fuel level of the car

Car security:

  • Be notified if there is a rapid acceleration with the car
  • Be notified is the car is speeding
  • Be notified if there is hard braking

Routes tracking feature:

  • See the car on a map in real-time
  • See previous routes by day and time

Unexpected car movements:

  • Get an alert if the car is moving when the engine is off (could be if the car is being towed or in case of an accident when the car is parked)


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