Video Surveillance

Protect your business from theft, vandalism and intruders with our comprehensive video surveillance systems and CCTV systems. 

Video surveillance monitoring system
What We Offer

Video Surveillance Systems & Solutions

  • Local, by network & cloud-based storage options for the video footage
  • Interactive monitoring of the live-feed
  • IP, analog or hybrid video solutions
  • Verification of alarms with video
  • Real-time view of the cameras through a mobile app
  • Advanced surveillance video analytics capabilities
  • Live reporting of events
  • Compatibility to be integrated with other systems such as intrusion, access control, etc.

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Video Service Assurance

STANLEY IntelAssure

Whether you're looking to get a new advanced video solution to automate any kind of troubleshooting or to simply convert existing security cameras, STANLEY IntelAssure can provide the following for your business:

  • Reduce missing video evidence & lost data
  • Automate all kind of audit compliance 
  • Improve the level of cyber hygiene

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The Advantages of a Video Surveillance System

Security camera on ceiling of hallway
Connecting to IP Systems

Video Encoder Solutions

Do you currently have an analog-based camera system installed in your business? We can help you convert that system to an IP CCTV system without any worry. Our IP systems are much faster, cheaper and easier than traditional analog systems, as the signals go through your site's existing IP network. Having a video encoder, will give you network video benefits and will give you the luxury to expend your camera network infrastructure. You'll be able to watch live feed of these cameras using a local or remote computer.

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View Real-Time Video

The STANLEY Security Video Cloud

Our Video Cloud is a fully managed cloud video surveillance solution, delivering an end-to-end video management system that is simple to deploy and easy to use. You can watch what is going on in your business, office or shop via your computer or other devices, giving you insight into your business as well as knowledge when a crime is occurring. 

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Why Stanley Security for a surveillance camera system?

Experts in Video Surveillance Solutions

We Offer All Kinds of Solutions

Our video surveillance experts are able to design any kind of plans, install, maintain and upgrade any kind of video solutions for any kind of budget. We can meet all types of security requirements, from small local companies to large enterprises. Those solutions can go from simple camera solutions to complex enterprise-class video surveillance systems.

Our Monitoring Centers

With our 2 Canadian monitoring centers, we offer quick and personalized service for any kind of alarm or request that requires immediate assistance. Our professionals are available 24/7 to ensure that your system is working to the best of its capabilities.

Integrate Into Existing Technology

We understand that completely replacing your existing security system can lead to extra - and unwanted - costs. Our experts will work with you to integrate your new devices into your existing physical security system to help your business become not only safer, but more cost-efficient as well. 

Part of the STANLEY Security UNA™ Ecosystem

UNA integrates your Video Surveillance with other security, health and safety solutions to cohesively strengthen and protect your business. With UNA, your business is safer, healthier and more efficient - simply and seamlessly.


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