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Home security cameras provide peace of mind from anywhere.

STANLEY Home Security Cameras: Peace of Mind from Anywhere

The latest StatsCan figures regarding break-and-enter crime are encouraging: the number of B&Es in Canada has dropped from over 250,000 in 2006 to less than 160,000 in 2016. Most experts attribute this drop to advances in home security. A report referenced by SafeWise (an independent reviewer of home safety systems) stated that 60% of convicted burglars were unlikely to target a home with a security system. But the flip side of that stat is that 40% of burglars would.

So how do you dissuade that 40%? With a home security camera system so technologically advanced that they’d be foolish to even think about it.

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Three images of various home security cameras.
Home Surveillance Camera

A Camera System to see Everything from Anywhere

We’ll set you up with a direct visual link to any room of your house or area of your property that you can look at through the STANLEY Interactive App on your phone. And you don’t have to be a tech wizard to use it either. Toggling between surveillance cameras, activating the built-in microphone that is included on some models so you can talk to whoever is there and setting up unauthorized movement push notification preferences are all super easy to do.

Some home security cameras are equipped with an infrared vision so you can see clearly at night, and they’re intelligent. They can differentiate humans from animals so you won’t get constantly notified when a raccoon decides to pay your backyard a visit.

Interior Security Cameras

  • Economy model: HD capabilities, bidirectional audio, infrared capabilities and a 113˚ angle of vision
  • Premium model: 6.8-megapixel, bidirectional audio, infrared capabilities, 180˚ angle of vision, pan/tilt/zoom capabilities, a call button, and acts as a Bluetooth speaker.

Exterior Security Cameras

  • Our surveillance camera system option is water/cold/heat resistant, full HD 1080P resolution, and has infrared capabilities
  • The 2021 Skybell doorbell camera model has Full HD resolution with HDR capabilities, and infrared functionality, bidirectional audio and the ability to withstand temperatures ranging from –40˚C to 60˚C. The doorbell camera also comes with front door control that lets you talk directly to anyone who visits, verify their identity, so you can have the opportunity to unlock the door remotely to let them in and lock the door remotely when they leave if you add an intelligent door lock.

So, who’s buying a STANLEY Security Camera System and Home Cameras?

People who want to feel 100% confident that everything is smooth at home, and who won’t 100% feel that way unless they can see it with their own eyes. You should always be feeling good about it. And when you can see what’s going on with the best surveillance camera system in the industry, you’ll feel great. That’s what STANLEY stands for, and why you can trust us to give you the home security you want with our house camera systems. Call us for a free quote or evaluation at 1 855 873-2505, or fill out a form so we can help you evaluate your security cameras needs and get you set up with STANLEY.

For a limited time, when you mention it in your quote request and for new clients only, we offer a free surveillance camera on certain security systems. To get prices for any of those products or details about our monitoring centers services, fill a risk-free form to obtain security cameras.

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Home security feeds displayed on device screens.
Why STANLEY Security

Experts in Security Cameras

An App for Your Security Cameras

Our app partners are Alarm.com and Honeywell. We chose them because of (a) how easy their apps are to use and (b) how trustworthy their apps are to control your house cameras with encrypted codes for your privacy. Once the app is set up and you decide on one of our plans, you’re good to go. You’ll be able to:

  • Check on your home security cameras anytime, from anywhere you want, in real-time.
  • Let contractors, dog-walkers and house cleaners in and out yourself (no more having to cut a bunch of extra keys).
  • Keep an eye on your kids and pets.
  • Make yourself feel better about what’s going on at home, wherever you are.
A Brand You Can Trust

You might have heard STANLEY Black & Decker/Dewalt brand. It’s come to stand for excellence and reliability in the world of tools. In fact, the brand recently made the top 30 most reputable brands in the United States. That same attention to quality has carried over into home security, and not just in the tools. Our surveillance camera system is backed up with 22 monitoring centers around the world, including two in Canada, so you're well-connected to your home and camera system no matter how far from home you are.


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