Hardware. Software. Integration.

One Ecosystem for All Your
Security, Health & Safety Needs

Protect your entire business simply and seamlessly with the STANLEY Security UNA™ ecosystem, so you can focus on progressing your business with complete peace of mind.


Cohesively Protect What Fuels Your Progress

The UNA ecosystem integrates multiple solutions and services into one experience, so you can cohesively:

  • Protect Your People
  • Safeguard Your Assets
  • Secure Your Networks
  • Manage Your Operations

With UNA, your entire business can be safer, healthier and more efficient — simply and seamlessly.

Safeguard Your Assets

How do you keep your property, equipment and inventory safe? The UNA ecosystem helps you keep a vigilant eye on your assets to identify and mitigate risks, so you have peace of mind that they’re safe from loss and damage.

Secure Your Network

Your business relies on staying connected. The UNA ecosystem helps you secure your networks by eliminating cybersecurity threats – so you can avoid downtime and continue to operate with peace of mind. 

Manage Your Operations

Efficiency is key for productivity and progress. The UNA ecosystem helps you improve your operations with insights and automation that drive smarter decision-making - so your business operates more effectively and efficiently.

Customize UNA for Your Business

The STANLEY Security UNA™ ecosystem is fully customizable. We design and integrate it to help with the security, health and safety challenges unique to your business and industry.